Nidasii Story

Nidasii was born out of a love for skincare and a need for an effective moisturizer. Once upon a time, there was a little girl that experienced an extremely chronic case of eczema as a child. She was prescribed many creams and ointments, some containing steroids that never really seemed to suit her skincare needs. As a young child she took matters into her own hands and created a balm that effectively moisturized her skin by combining petroleum jelly and lotion. Although she later outgrew her gruesome skin condition, her love of ingredients and skincare continued to grow. She eventually grew into a young woman that continued to experience dry skin and became quite knowledgeable about skincare and skincare products. She began formulating skincare products with ingredients right out of her kitchen cabinet. In her ongoing quest for natural skincare recipes she discovered a shea butter recipe that she tried and to her surprise, it worked. In fact, it was the best moisturizer she ever tried. It kept her skin soft, supple, and most of all, moisturized... ALL DAY! She later tweaked the recipe and began sharing it with her friends and family. Soon her friends and family began requesting products to share with their friends and colleagues for holidays as well as special occasions. Before she knew it she had a base of supporters that looked forward to using her products for various skin and health reasons. As a result, she created NIDASII a plant-based skincare brand dedicated to creating products using the finest natural ingredients built on a foundation of wellness.